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The WaltzPlay Gang


WaltzPlay holds dances every Sunday 4:00 to 7:00 pm

February 7 – Blues Waltz

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Jay Aland will teach Blues Waltz, which is mellow, easygoing waltzing to songs with a fast triple beat but a slow bluesy feel, like Misty Blue by Dorothy Moore or Love Itself by Leonard Cohen. Dance your feelings and let the music connect you to your body, and connect your heart to the heart of another. This is a dance which was popular a century ago, but has been forgotten by ballroom dancers.

Dancing could be described as a combination of figures and rhythms. Rhythms are mostly felt, rather than seen, so you won’t often find much attention to rhythms in performance dancing (or ballroom dancing). Rhythms may be the best place to connect with your partner, though; you surely find that sense of synchronization, which feels so good, when you and your partner are both on exactly the same rhythm.

Blues music arose in the juke joints in the Deep South over 100 years ago, and spread quickly to the whole world, influencing jazz music and rock and roll. Blues dance was the spontaneous self-expression that arose in response to blues music; it used simple steps along with an intimate connection between partners to portray the feelings evoked by the blues music. In the last decade Blues Dance has become a popular social dance.


Additional Helpful Information:

  • Beginners are welcome.
  • Come with or without a partner.
  • Dress casually or fancy, it’s up to you.
  • Wear shoes for dancing. (We strongly recommend leather-soled shoes.)