SCHEDULE CHANGE – No Dance February 23

Cupid’s arrow pierced the heart of WaltzPlay’s Valentine’s Day dance yesterday. Everyone there was full of love, connection, inclusiveness, friendliness, and positive energy. 36 dancers came, including several who were new to WaltzPlay. The new people were enthusiastically welcomed, and they all got to dance. This open and welcoming mood is greatly appreciated by new dancers, and one of the reasons so many people love WaltzPlay. 

The waltz lesson was an interesting challenge for those who already knew how to waltz – in a different way. For this lesson was about the way the Viennese people in Vienna dance every day – but quite different from the way many people waltz in Atlanta. All ways of waltzing are included at WaltzPlay, though, being an easy introduction to waltz for beginners. Viennese people use simple movements to rotate constantly, while connecting more intimately with their partners than we do. They find this waltz to be more satisfying, so they waltz every day, and have done so for 250 years.

2 to 2:45 pm: Dance Lesson
2:45 to 5:00 pm: Dance
$8 per person (cash or check)

Lesson – March 8 – Blues Waltz — instructor Jay Aland

At WaltzPlay, we include many styles and variations from the many dancers, and we encourage everyone to dance with many different partners in order to experience the different styles that each person brings.  We concentrate less on the steps and sequences, and more on the connections, our partners, and the expression of what we hear in the music.  We have lots of fun.

After the lesson there is social dancing – waltz in its many forms, and many other popular dances including Swing, One-Step, Rumba, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, Hustle, Blues and occasionally Zydeco and Cajun!

• You need shoes – comfortable and with leather or slippery soles 
• You can dress casual to fancy, for the occasion, or wear jeans
• You don’t need a partner
• Learn to dance if you don’t already know how
• Improve your technique
• Visit for more details
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WaltzPlay meets at Clairmont Presbyterian Church, in Milligan Hall, behind the church building, enter thru righthand door (which is at the corner of North Druid Hills Rd. and Clairmont Rd.)

N E W 2020 WaltzPlay Board of Directors

Peyton Todd, President
Warren Hinson, Vice President
Ann Marks, Secretary/Treasurer
Jeanne Dow, Secretary Publicity & Social Media
Tim Moore, Member-At-Large