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The WaltzPlay Gang


WaltzPlay holds dances every Sunday 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm

April 24 – Musicality in Waltz

Jay Aland will teach Musicality in Waltz. Musicality is the technique we use to elevate our dance beyond matching steps, to expressing the music in our dance. Just as the artist of the song had a profound message beyond words and notes, we can use our dance to express our interpretation of the music.

There are many kinds of waltzes, and there are many different steps, or figures, which can be done in the waltz. The reason for this variety might be that we want to give our partner a new and different dance, each time we dance together. However, it may be that we have focused so intently on our variety of steps that we have lost our focus on our partner – that we are not tuned in to how our partner feels and what our partner wants to experience.

Musicality offers the possibility of connecting to our partner and connecting to our partner’s connection to the music. Musicality uses the same simple steps you always use, but add a richness and variety to them which gives our partner the feel that each dance is newly invented – just for them.

For leaders – men – musicality starts with tuning in to his follower to find out how she wants to move – what she likes and doesn’t like, and what makes her look good. For followers – women – musicality means engaging in a 2 way conversation with her leader: hearing what he is saying, possibly amplifying it, possibly offering a different interpretation of the music, but certainly adding her personal flair. For both, musicality operates at the level of feeling (rather than thinking), and is enhanced by uninhibited self-expression.

For those who watch DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) musicality works like Derek Hough, choreographing a dance for his partner which makes her look good and feel good – and his partner, dancing perfectly in sync, adding her own gracefulness and appeal, such that all eyes are on her in their performance. Musicality means that those watching the dance see the follower, doing the dance which was choreographed and given to her step-by-step, by the leader.

This class is for all levels – no experience or knowledge of certain steps is required; we will work with the simple steps you already know.


WaltzPlay has moved to a new location!   We are now dancing at the Clairmont Presbyterian Church, at the corner of Clairmont Road and N. Druid Hills Road.  We still dance from  2:00 until 5:30.

Additional Helpful Information:

  • Beginners are welcome.
  • Come with or without a partner.
  • Dress casually or fancy, it’s up to you.
  • Wear shoes for dancing. (We strongly recommend leather-soled shoes.)