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The WaltzPlay Gang


WaltzPlay holds dances every Sunday 4:00 to 7:00 pm

October 2- Waltz Fundamentals

John Dougan will teach a class on Waltz Fundamentals.

We will learn or relearn waltz in the comfortable social form that we do at WaltzPlay. This style should allow you to waltz with partners in a variety of settings around town.
We will teach the class that shows up, individualizing the instruction to you.
We will work incrementally from the basic three/ four step to partnering forwards and backwards. Then we turn both left and right, eventually moving together around the dance circle.
While we may rotate partners around the dance circle, you may continue with your special dance partner if you  desire. Your questions are encouraged and used to further the class. And we try to let you practice and dance as much as possible while we share with individual and couples.


We are looking forward to the class and dancing with you all during our great playlist.

After the lesson we’ll dance to a wide variety of music until 7 PM. Our dances focus on waltz in its various forms and most other popular dances.

~ Beginners are welcome. Come with or without a partner.
~ Dress casually or fancy, its up to you.
~ Wear shoes for dancing.
We strongly recommend leather-soled shoes; they enable you to turn more easily.


 We hold dances every Sunday Afternoon at

Clairmont Presbyterian Church,

1994 Clairmont Road, Decatur, GA  30033

At the corner of Clairmont Rd. and North Druid Hills Rd. in Milligan Hall behind the church.

4:00pm – 4:45pm : Lesson

4:45pm – 7:00pm : Dancing

Cost: $8/person

Dress: Nice Casual to Fancy

Wear shoes for dancing!







WaltzPlay, a non-profit organization is in need of volunteers to DJ, teach dance lessons and help set up and take down chairs, sound equipment etc.
If you would like to help out, contact us for more details


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