Come Dance With Us!

The WaltzPlay Gang


WaltzPlay holds dances every Sunday 2:00 to 5:30 pm

August 2 – Basic Waltz

John Dougan will share the basic fundamentals of social waltz. We will introduce any new dancers to the elements of waltz as well as review them for more experienced dancers. Of course, we will explore the three/ four rhythms of waltz in our steps in the basic directions. We will develop our flexibly firm dance frames in order to lead and follow our partners in time with the music and each other. We will move around the line of dance and eventually begin turning in both directions, forwards and backwards. Our goal is to help you to waltz around the dance floor with your special dance partner or partners.

We usually rotate partners around the teaching circle, but  you may keep your special dance partner if you wish. I go as fast or slowly as is appropriate for the dancers in the class, giving all of us plenty of dance practice time. I take questions and attend to individuals and couples as needed, bringing issues that resonate with the class to everyone. And most importantly, the air conditioning has worked well for the slight surplus of men we’ve had the last week or so.


Additional Helpful Information:

  • Beginners are welcome.
  • Come with or without a partner.
  • Dress casually or fancy, it’s up to you.
  • Wear shoes for dancing. (We strongly recommend leather-soled shoes.)